Project Title
2015-2018 To promote multi-material in-mould assembly/decorative technology of Hong Kong plastic machinery manufacturers to the automotive and medical & healthcare industries
2013-2015 To establish a brand image for Hong Kong plastic industry in GREEN plastic manufacturing to enhance domestic sales in the China market
2012-2013 To develop a Hong Kong Energy Efficiency Labeling Scheme for plastic processing and auxiliary machinery to promote brand image and enhance marketability of the local plastic machinery industry
2009-2011 To Launch an Integrated Export Marketing Campaign in South East Asia and Europe to Promote the Strengths and Capabilities of Hong Kong Manufacturers in Plastic Processing, Moulds and Machinery Development
2003-2006 Development of Micro-injection Moulding and Machinery Technologies
2000-2002 To Develop Safety Design Guidelines and Testing Methodologies for Local Made Plastic Processing Auxiliary Machinery
1999-2002 Development of Fully Electric Plastic Injection Moulding Technology and Machinery for Exploring New Business Opportunities
1998-2001 Development of New Plastic Processing Technologies and Machineries for Exploring New Business Opportunities
1996-1999 Establishment of a Plastic Machinery Performance Testing and Certification Scheme
1994-1996 Development of Intelligent Process Control (IPC) Application to Improve Quality & Performance of Plastic Injection Moulding Process